How we made our daily lifeenvironment friendly for asustainable future.

Hello guys, I want to share a story of how I made my life more eco friendly by following these
I live in Abu Dhabi UAE and I have a business in Eco Friendly sustainable products. My
connection towards nature and the eco-friendly concept started ever since I started this

Usage of Environment Friendly Products

We have a Range of Products providing safe and eco friendly alternatives to plastic and its by
products.Our tableware, scented candles, jute bags and bottles lay a foundation of our step
towards sustainability.

Its great for having parties anywhere. Be it a picnic, desert or even your own home which can
save a lot of plastic going into disposal.
This is surely one of the ways we #MakeitGreen at our home.

Reducing Dependence on Plastic water dispensers

Let me tell you about something years back. We had what people call plastic water bottle
dispensers to dispense drinking water. We used it for many years until one day we decided to
get rid of it and get RO Water dispenser for the daily use eliminating the usage of plastic in our

Eliminating plastic carry bag usage and using eco-friendly alternatives.

With the ban of single use plastic coming into effect across the country. It has helped us a lot re
ponder on the usage of plastic as carry bags in supermarkets and hypermarkets alike. We now
use jute bags or reusable bags to take in our daily groceries and encourage other people to do
the same reducing huge consumption of plastic.
Apart from that in cases when we do not have jute bags and if the number of items on the
grocery list is low. I personally don’t hesitate to take the groceries in hand to the car or to my
home next door.

Expanding sustainability by using BPA free water bottles.

Using BPA free bottles and steel bottles have further reduced our consumption of plastic which
we are very proud of.
All in all in conclusion it is very much possible to make an impact on this world by doing small
things on our part so that collectively we can make a huge difference providing sustainability in
the world we are living in.

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