Green Gift - Best Dealer of Eco-friendly Products in Abu-Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Green Gift Concepts established in 2006 is the first company in the UAE to deal in eco-friendly products. With a motto of ‘One step towards nature’ and with a range of over 500 products, Green Gifts Concepts has emerged as the leading companies dealing in eco-friendly products. Green Gift - Best Dealer of Eco-friendly Products in Abu-Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).


 We are a young and innovative company with an interest in sustainability of nature and living beings by producing and promoting environment friendly products. The importance of being environment friendly is being realized worldwide so there is an increased emphasis on finding eco-friendly alternatives for synthetic, non bio-degradable products made from plastic, foam, glass etc. Green Gift - Best Dealer of Eco-friendly Products in Abu-Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). We are mainly deals in environment friendly products, which are not harmful to the earth and our beautiful environment. At present we have just taken the first step into the new world of environment friendly products by offering a wide range of eco-friendly products made of recycled and natural fiber boards, papers which are acid and chlorine free and also other environment friendly raw materials.

We are ISO 9001-2015 Certified

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What we do ?

We distribute disposables made from 100% natural fiber (Sugarcane Bagasse & Corn Starch) which reduces the eco-logical burden on our precious environment.

We mainly deal in-

  • Eco-friendly Disposables-made from sugarcane bagasse (plates, bowls).
  • Eco-friendly Cutlery-made from corn starch (forks, spoons and knives).
  • Boxes: Take-away boxes and food containers
  • Eco Bags: Jute bags, cotton bags and paper bags
  • Organic Candles - Scented tealights, votive, pillars, floating candles and ball candles
  • Stationery: School and office stationery.
  • And Other Eco-friendly Products


Why Choose Us ?

Excellent customer care and quality are the ethos of our company. Our environment-friendly products are 100% biodegradable and decompose within 31 days.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the earth from the clutches of pollution, deforestation and global warming by making environment-friendly products

Our Vision

Our vision is to save our planet earth by influencing people to use eco-friendly products

Our Innovations

We keep striving to widen our product range through innovative approaches.

Products available at leading Super Market & Hyper Market


“I personally love the look and quality of the organic candles. Being smoke-free and 100% eco friendly, I knew these were perfect for my family and for the earth.

Ayushi Jain

Excellent customer care and quality is what defines Green Gift Concepts