Fiber Made Disposables

Influence on Environment

We use 100% plant fiber as raw material.  It uses sugarcane fiber(sugar cane bagasse) instead of wood fiber as raw material ,which protests the environment. It can be decomposed naturally in to fertilizer after 31 days in the earth.

Product Characterstics

1. Made from 100% Natural fiber.
2. Microwave oven proof.
3. Biogradable and can be recycled and good for environment.
4. Nontoxic and Hygenic.
5. 120°C oil proof and 100°C Water resistance
6. Heat Resistance.

Sugarcane Bagasse

Sugarcane is a non-food renewable resource, yielding new harvests annually. Sugarcane-bagasse is the name for the plant fiber that remains after sugar producers process the sugarcane stalk. We take the fiber and mold it into strong and attractive food packaging products. It is certified compo-stable and biodegradable.

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Why use environment friendly green disposables? Comparision of various tablewares in the market.


  • It never disposes underground
  • Under high temperatures, polyform would thaw carcinogenic waste which has serious effects on human health.

PE Laminated Tableware

  • The main raw material for this tableware is wood which comes from cutting a vast forest of trees, thereby contributing to deforestation and environmental degradation
  • Although this food-container is partially made of paper, its PE laminated surface still cannot decompose naturally.
  • PE coating cannot endure heat
  • Tableware is not firm (due to low hardness) and thus is inconvenient to hold.

Plastic Tableware

  • Does not decompose naturally
  • Low heat endurance- It might dissolve into harmful substances when it encounters high temperature

Green Environment Friendly Disposables

  • Made from sugarcane bagasse (a by-product of the sugar industry) which decomposes naturally and does not harm the environment
  • Since it is made from a waste material, it does not contribute to deforestation
  • It can withstand high temperatures (100◦ C water resistant and 100◦ C oil resistant)
  • GREEN disposables are rigid, thereby allowing the customer to hold to them easily
  • Fit to use in microwave and refrigerators
  • Non toxic, harmless and healthy to use.

Fiber Made Products


Green 3 Compartment Plates 10inch 20pcs

Green Australian Plates 9inch

Green Environmental Friendly Disposables 10inch 20pcs

Green Disposable Plates 7inch

Green Environmental Friendly Disposables 10inch 20pcs

Green 7" ripple plate


Green Small Bowl 150ml

Green Small Bowl 350ml


Green Disposable Big Tray

Green Gift Tray with lid

Green Square Fibre Tray 6 inch 8 inch and 10 inch


Green 9" 3 compartment Lunch Box

Green Disposable Burger Box