Organic Candles

Characteristics of Our Candles

Toxic Free Candles

Candles which are made from vegetable oil has a very clean burning properties and it does not emit the soot and fumes that are attributed to the run-of-the –mill paraffin candles. It’s fact that paraffin candles release far more soot(black smoke) in to the air while burning. This soot contains 11 known toxins of which 2 are carcinogenic- toulene and benzene . The Environmental Protection  Agency has    produced a report validating the possible dangers of breathing the soot. Therefore , it is healthier for those who enjoy burning candles at home to burn the candles made from vegetable oil rather than paraffin candles.

Save Our Earth

The Vegetable palm oil that which is used to make our candles is from sustainable and renewable and renewable resources. it is also a biodegradable material . Thus , the candle is environmentally and eco friendly product and do not cause any harm to our environment and our earth. Whereas , the paraffin wax which is the by products of the petroleum is one of our natural resources and is not renewable.

Water Based

Because vegetable wax is water –based products ,it is therefore easy to be clean and washed with soap and water when the melting wax spill over. Since paraffin Wax is oil –based instead of water –based ,this makes it much harder(if is not impossible) to be cleaned up.soap and water will not just work on it.This may seem insignificant untill some wax is accidentally spilled on your expensive new out fit or the carpet.

No Headache

Some people experience horrible headache when they are around the burning paraffin candles. This is because paraffin is a petroleum product-a by products of petroleum refining from the oil industry Lighting a paraffin candles-means lot of chemicals and toxins –pollute your indoor air ,your home and your lungs It is believed to have caused allergies to some people

100% Naturals

Candles which are made from vegetable palm oils are a natural product and it does not require any additives. Only dyes and fregrance are added if desired . It is not free from the paraffin wax and animal fat but free from some harmful chemical.

Safety Low Temperature

Paraffin Candles have higher melting point compared to vegetable palm or soy candles .This  not only makes the candles more dangerous than vegetable wax candle, but paraffin candles will burn faster because of the larger flame needed.

Will not Bend

The candles made from vegetable palm oil will not go bend or become sticky when exposed to the sunlight or higher temperature s


The Packaging material which are using for packing these candles  are recycled or recyclable and from the environmentally friendly sources.


Selection of best wicks –wick is heart of the candles……. the candle is only a piece of wax  and can not serve its purpose to light up our world .so in these candles –”good wicks” are using ………good wicks means it has to be toxic free and does not bring any harm to our human body………that is the reason 100% cotton wicks are using in these candles ….it does not contain any lead which is harmful to human


All the colourant are used in these candles are toxic free and fulfilling regulation in this regards and are classified as “non-hazardous” chemical or chemical preparation respectively